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Tools clipart.png This page is part of the MediaWiki API documentation.
MediaWiki API

Quick overview:

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MediaWiki version: 1.18

Get a list provided by a QueryPage-based special page.

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • qppage: The name of the special page. Note, this is case sensitive. Possible values are:
    Ancientpages, BrokenRedirects, Deadendpages, Disambiguations, DoubleRedirects, Listredirects, Lonelypages, Longpages, Mostcategories, Mostimages, Mostlinkedcategories, Mostlinkedtemplates, Mostlinked, Mostrevisions, Fewestrevisions, Shortpages, Uncategorizedcategories, Uncategorizedpages, Uncategorizedimages, Uncategorizedtemplates, Unusedcategories, Unusedimages, Wantedcategories, Wantedfiles, Wantedpages, Wantedtemplates, Unwatchedpages, Unusedtemplates, Withoutinterwiki
  • qpoffset: When more results are available, use this to continue.
  • qplimit: Number of results to return.

Example[edit | edit source]

Show a list of first 10 pages which are uncategorized.