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MediaWiki version: 1.11
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MediaWiki API

Quick overview:

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Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • info – What metadata to return.
Type: one of totalhits, suggestion
  • limit – How many total pages to return. Type: limit
  • namespace – The namespace(s) to enumerate. Type: namespace
  • offset – Use this value to continue paging (return by query). Type: integer
  • prop – What properties to return:
size - Adds the size of the page in bytes
wordcount - Adds the word count of the page
timestamp - Adds the timestamp of when the page was last edited
score - Adds the score (if any) from the search engine
snippet - Adds a parsed snippet of the page
titlesnippet - Adds a parsed snippet of the page title
redirectsnippet - Adds a parsed snippet of the redirect
redirecttitle - Adds a parsed snippet of the redirect title
sectionsnippet - Adds a parsed snippet of the matching section
sectiontitle - Adds a parsed snippet of the matching section title
hasrelated - Indicates whether a related search is available
Type: one of size, wordcount, timestamp, score, snippet, titlesnippet, redirecttitle, redirectsnippet, sectiontitle, sectionsnippet, hasrelated
  • redirects – Include redirect pages in the search. Type: bool
  • search (required) – Search for all page titles (or content) that has this value. Type: string
  • what – Search inside the text or titles:
title - Search in page titles (default) (if search engine doesn't support title searches, such as Lucene which is used by Wikipedia, then srwhat=title falls back to text)
text - Search in page text
nearmatch - Search for the exact title
Depending on which search backend is in use, how srsearch is interpreted may vary. On Wikimedia wiki's which use Lucene search, see w:Help:Searching#Search_engine_features for information about the search syntax.

Error Codes[edit | edit source]

  • invalidtitle – Bad title ``key''.
  • invalidtitle – Bad title ``title''.
  • nosearch – The search parameter must be set.
    This was param-search before 1.17
  • readapidenied – You need read permission to use this module.
  • search-text-disabled – text search is disabled.
  • search-title-disabled – title search is disabled.

Example[edit | edit source]

Show a list of 10 pages that contain the word 'wikipedia'

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