Zürich Hackathon 2014/Scholarships

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There are scholarships provided for attending this Wikimedia Hackathon 2014 in Zürich. Application is done during registration, within the registration form.

Depending on your country of residence your application will either be handled by the Wikimedia Foundation (the default) or we will forward your application to your local chapter, if it provides scholarships.

Upon approval we will send you a mail with directions. WMF scholarships will be handled through Wikimedia CH, others through the respective chapters.

Deadline for scholarship application is March 16th. It is our goal to notify applicants by March 17th.


  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Wikimedia Deutschland (german community + Wikidata developers + Toolserver->Tool Labs)
  • Wikimedia Österreich (one scholarship for an austrian participant)
  • Wikimedia UK
  • Wikimedia Nederland


Each sponsor might have different criteria for selecting their participants. They usually involve a track record of volunteer work in the relevant topics (technical issues, development) and a meaningful application why your attendance to the Hackathon 2014 is needed.

For general principles on scholarship assignments check out Volunteer coordination and outreach/Travel sponsorship.