Wikistats 2.0 Design Project


Project Background:

Erik Zachte has been maintaining a huge amount of statistical data about Wikipedia projects. This information is presented in myriad of ways and there currently isn't clear navigation or an organizational scheme to make it clear what is contained/available. The goal of this re-design is to define a clear navigation scheme and design layout that better group metrics by how user's (specifically Editors) think about project data. A second goal is to improve the data comprehension by refining visual styles and data visualization methods so it is more clear what each metric trend is communicating.

For background, here is Erik's presentation for the Wikistats 2.0 team about Wikistats:

Design Process:

The core project team consists of a contract UX designer, Aislinn Grigas, engineering manager Nuria Ruiz, lead engineers Dan Andreescu, Marcel Forns and Francisco Dans. Our process will be to audit existing metrics, prioritize importance of available and future metrics, develop a new site architecture, design new layouts and visualizations for data sets. Throughout the process, we will prototype assumptions with a cardboard interactive prototype using fake data in order to get community feedback from our target audience of Editors.

Milestones In Progress:

  • prototyping of new design and visual language

Milestones Completed:

  • overview of data types and structure drafted in google spreadsheet
  • information architecture and initial navigation model defined
  • wireframes for Dashboard and Detail page metrics such as Top Contributors, and Active Editors
  • collect round 1 feedback
  • explore visual language
  • visual design mocks

Request for Feedback:

Please visit this page to participate in the feedback process: Wikistats 2.0 Design Project/RequestforFeedback

Status (phabricator):