Wikipedia version tools/status


Last update on: 2011-09-30


Currently, offline copies of Wikipedia content are generated by the Wikipedia 1.0 team through use of the release version tools written by User:CBM. Since many in the community would like to see more options, Arthur Richards is actively assessing the codebase on the toolserver to understand the work involved in extending the current toolset.


We finished assessing the existing tools and are actively working with their original author (User:CBM) to plan our next steps. The project is going to focus on making it easier to create collections for schools, and is an excellent fit for a Summer of Code project. We are also discussing with one of the most active offline project members (User:Walkerma) to make sure our use cases are capturing what's needed.


Yuvi Panda was accepted as one the Foundation's students for Google Summer of Code. Arthur Richards will be mentoring him to port the existing collection tools to a Mediawiki extension.


GSoC student Yuvi Panda began to port the WP 1.0 Bot to a MediaWiki extension. He drafted a project plan and started to develop a way to parse and track assessment data found in articles.


GSoC student Yuvaraj Pandian continued to port the WP 1.0 bot to a MediaWiki extension. Mentored by Arthur Richards, and supported by WP 1.0 Bot author/maintainer User:CBM, Yuvaraj implemented an assessment template processing feature, and is now working on a WP 1.0 bot replacement feature that will automatically include real-time assessment statistics on project pages. A feature to filter and select articles based on assessment criteria is planned to be added in July.


GSoC student Yuvaraj Pandian continued to port User:CBM's WP 1.0 bot to a MediaWiki extension, and nearly achieved feature parity with it by implementing article selection filtering based on project, quality, importance and category. Mentored by Arthur Richards, Yuvaraj also implemented the ability to save lists of filtered articles. In August, Yuvaraj will wrap up the initial development by adding the ability to manually curate article selection lists and export article lists in CSV format.


Yuvaraj Pandian successfully completed his Google Summer of Code project. He achieved feature parity with User:CBM's WP 1.0 bot and added the ability to save selections of articles, manually modify/delete the contents of a selection, and export a CSV of article selections. Yuvaraj reached out to the community to review his code, and plans to continue work on the extension, which still requires extensive testing and bug fixing.


Yuvaraj Pandian's code from his GSoC project to port User:CBM's WP 1.0 bot to a Mediawiki extension awaits review and thorough testing.