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Wikipedia iPhone app

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This page's information is from 2010. For up-to-date information about Wikipedia mobile app development, see Wikimedia mobile engineering.



More information and build instructions on Github

Features hopefully going in right quick

  • Language selection
  • Update the footer text & link back to full site

Features to consider adding for future

  • Default to phone's UI language if available
  • Bookmarking
  • Email-page-to-a-friend
  • Search suggestions while you type
    • (Retry) Search other languages
  • Table of contents for faster in-article navigation
  • Better section folding
    • Fold more aggressively on moderately long pages
    • Allow fetching the subsection contents later, so very long pages can be loaded up faster initially.
  • Video/audio playback?
    • cf Wiki Tap
    • probably needs either a native vorbis/theora player (!) or transcoding
  • Location-based search
    • May be easier to push this back until we have geo searching in the official API
  • Pre-seed app with offline articles (possibly in openZim format)
  • Queue pages to read later
  • Shake to retrieve a random Wikipedia article
  • Landscape/potrait re-orientation
  • Universal app / iPad support
  • Retina graphics support