Wikipedia article translation metrics


Project description[edit]

It is known that a lot of articles in Wikipedias in many languages are translated from the corresponding Wikipedia articles in other languages. What is not known is the exact number of translated articles, because metadata about translation is not recorded by the software in any way. Some researchers attempted to estimate this number; for an example of such a work see the paper Multilinguals and Wikipedia Editing by Scott Hale. Much more work could be done in this area, however: the estimation methodology could be improved; the editing patterns of users who translate articles could be researched more deeply; the findings could be more thoroughly cross-referenced with information about the different Wikipedia language editions and with real-life information about the languages in question, such as number of speakers, penetration of broadband internet connection in the area where the language is spoken, level of bilingualism, and so on. These findings will contribute to better understanding of content development in Wikipedias in different languages and to the development of the ContentTranslation project.