Wikipedia Zero/IP Addresses


Carriers/Operators participating in Wikipedia Zero should use an IP address-based zero-rating scheme in order to support HTTPS and have the simplest possible configuration in their systems.

The following blocks should be used for the IP address-based zero-rating scheme. These IP addresses represent production Wikimedia servers only.

WAP gateways[edit]

Some WAP gateways do not support pure IP address-based zero-rating, but instead require configuration of both IP addresses and domain names or URLs.

Zero-rating configurations that can be achieved purely through pure IP address-based means are easier to configure and tend to be less error pone. But in the cases for WAP gateways requiring URL or domain name-based configuration, approaches such as the following may need to be employed. We recommend that operators work closely with the Wikimedia Foundation if configuring such rules.

Regular Expression Style Matching[edit]

The following represents a regular expression representing the relevant production IPs covered above.


Note that this assumes support for both HTTP and HTTPS. A number of WAP gateways support HTTPS by means of verifying the domain name in the CONNECT method line and its accompanying Host: header. The configuration needs to be established correctly, and we recommend that operators work closely with Wikimedia foundation if configuring such rules. and its subdomains are the canonical ones for Wikipedia access. But and and their subdomains are also from time to time linked to from external sites, and are thus relevant production domain names accessible at the production IPs.

Opera Mini and Nokia Xpress[edit]

Opera Mini zero-rating requires a partnership between a partner and the Opera corporation, and facilitation between Wikimedia Foundation and the Opera corporation. Incidentally, the Wikimedia Foundation and the Opera corporation need to cooperate on some domain name related things to establish proper Wikipedia Zero zero-rating configurations, but the operator only needs to know specific IP addresses in the Opera Mini load balancing infrastructure that should be combined with the IP addresses above for IP address-based zero-rating; these additional IP addresses are communicated as part of this facilitation.

If the operator has an agreement with Nokia (now a part of Microsoft Mobile), further additional IP addresses in the Nokia load balancing infrastructure should also be with the IP addresses above for IP address-based zero-rating. Additionally, domain name related configuration will need to be established through collaboration between Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) and the Wikimedia Foundation.

BlackBerry (RIM)[edit]

As for 20-May-2014, Wikipedia Zero support is not yet available for proxied traffic for BlackBerry/RIM.

Desktop and Sister Projects[edit]

As of 6-March-2014, the Wikipedia Zero mobile web browsing experience presents a warning to users when they attempt to navigate from the Wikipedia Zero mobile web browsing experience to the Desktop version of Wikipedia or to Wikimedia sister projects (e.g., Wiktionary). Wikipedia Zero banners and page rewriting (e.g., for interstitial warnings) are not yet set up on the Wikimedia Desktop sites nor mobile web versions of the sister projects yet, even though the IP addresses above cover those sites. Thus, it's best to warn the user of the potential of charges even if those charges wouldn't generally accrue until the user navigated away from the Desktop or sister projects.