Portal brainstorming ideas for future


The ideas presented here were discussed during an informal brainstorming session about future work for the portal; held on April 20, 2016. Additional thoughts and ideas are always welcome!


  1. How do we feel about the work that we've committed to this quarter?
  2. What do we think needs to be worked on as a close follow-on into next quarter?
  3. How do we see the Portal evolving over the next year?

Ideas for the Portal:[edit]

  • display news content from other wikis
  • suggest interesting topics ("I want to see most read articles in [category]")
  • social trending - display latest 3 (tweets, tumblr, instagram, etc) posts with #wikipedia
  • social sharing - make it easy for folks to share content presented on the portal
  • picture of the day
  • breaking news articles ("what's happening right now in [country]?")
  • work with fundraising to figure out a way to use the portal for donations
    • (not all the time, timely campaigns?)
  • display content relevant for our best guess of the location the user is browsing from
  • Search for 'images' or 'books' or 'news'
    • tabbed search results by project? Wikipedia | Commons | Wikivoyage | etc..
  • Encourage visitors to edit
    • or how to become an editor
    • put edit buttons on all the things!
  • use iOS app "feeds" feature for inspiration
  • Allow users to customize the feeds
    • default should be really simple, but customizing would increase the likelihood that I would come back regularly
    • not having ads helps here.
  • Display search results on the portal itself
    • search results - shown on the portal page (not immediately move to a different search page)?
  • add in something for editors/contributors?
  • Portal searches could take users to an experimental UI for wp
  • maybe add in something in search results to go to the article in edit mode

Ideas for UX work - not on the Portal:[edit]

  • type-ahead on wiki
  • metadata in search results on wiki
  • language detection while typing in a search box
  • Making the Go button behave without surprises
  • Present search results more attractively
  • improve commons searching

Needs for the Portal:[edit]

Find out why users come to the Portal and don't do anything.

  • Surveys:
    • talk with users to ask how/why they use the Portal
    • try to communicate with those users that bounce from the portal page and discuss why they bounce
  • Analytics from A/B tests:
    • will tell us a lot!