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Wikimedia Tech Safari Program/Schedule

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Wikimedia Tech Safari Program
Wikimedia Tech Safari Program


This year's tech safari program will be based on learning how to contribute to some of the wikimedia tech projects, cloud services and source codes. This event will be virtual in order to have a wider reach of participants across Africa.

Time Session Speaker(s) Session Coordinator(s) Presentation Slide(s) Recorded Session(s)
09:45 UTC Opening Ceremony Joris Darlington Quarshie Joris Darlington Quarshie Slides Program Introduction
10:00 UTC Charting Your Course with Kiwix Development & Localization Stephane Coillet-Matillon Ruby D. Brown Demo
10:30 UTC Building Bridges with Code: Contribute to Wikifunctions and Connect the World Lucas Werkmeister Gbemisola Esho Demo
11:00 UTC Toolforge Paas Deep Dive: What is it? how do you deploy your code on it? Raymond Ndibe Ruby D. Brown Demo
12:00 UTC Cut, Craft, Captivate: Building the Future of Wiki Videos with VideoCutTool Gopa Vasanth, Sohom Datta Gbemisola Esho Demo
13:00 UTC Akwaaba to Commons for Android: Code the App that Lets Your World Share on Wikimedia Nicolas Raoul Ruby D. Brown Slides
13:30 UTC Type, Translate, Transform: Unlock Languages with Scribe's Code Magic Andrew McAllister, Will Yoshida Gbemisola Esho Slides
14:00 UTC Cloud Code Conquest: Build the Future of the Wikiverse with Wikimedia Cloud Services Seyram Komla Sapaty Ruby D. Brown Slides
15:00 UTC Code the Next Wave: Building Wikifunctions with WikiLambda's Power James Forrester Gbemisola Esho Slides
15:30 UTC Closing Remarks Joris Darlington Quarshie Joris Darlington Quarshie Wrap up