Wikimedia Search Team/Meeting minutes/2015-06-01

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  • Starting adding event logging to portal
    • Doesn’t use standard platform, so some IE8 issues
    • It is a page on meta, so someone (ops?) will have to update that page to deploy it


  • Working on doc: How can we gather search quality feedback from users (look at how others have done it, and how we have done it in the past)
  • For expediency, should use qualtrix
  • (Notetaker missed second thing Moiz is working on)


  • Working with new server. Some issues.
  • Then will return to adding labels, new queries
  • Need to prep for upcoming conference


  • Worked on supporting vector tile maps on the new server. Code got deployed.
  • Did a lot of communications with community. Prep for this weekend’s map conference.


  • Will create a phab ticket for metrics needs
  • Will work with Wes on hiring/budget


  • Was mostly off last week
  • Productive talks at hackathon about WDQS
  • Working on a WD presentation


  • Progress on query string replacement, but not much lately
  • Focused on onboarding the next 2 Mondays
  • Needs to work on nasty bug with jobs that is breaking tests (and probably causing production weirdness)


  • Working on bugs/performance of WDQS. Got help from blazegraph. Not as fast as we want, but no longer “catastrophic”
  • Will work on more substantial features. Improve logging.


  • Navigating budget changes. Keep things moving forward. Will summarize when it is final.
    • Reductions in hardware purchases.
    • Focus our asks to external funding options
    • Headcount down to +3 (UX, DA, Relevancy eng)
  • Hackathon was great
    • Would like to have a followup in a separate meeting
    • Yuri did great showing off maps (and graphs)
    • Will meet w/Rachel to help us get the word out to community
    • Working on expectations of UX and metrics
    • Developing simple high-level doc of goals, progress, etc. Should probably go on wiki.


  • Nothing to report

Oliver (via email):

  • Did
  • Upcoming:
    • 1. Research around user-perceived accuracy measurements (
    • 2. Monthly Metrics support if we decide metrics is a thing we're doing.
    • 3. Defining a new EL schema that solves (at least partially) for 1 and 2 above.
    • 4. Reaching out to design research about understanding our user base.
    • 5. Reconfiguring our dashboarding service to support multiple, distinct services. This won't actually be useful until we have the data from 3 and from the EL schema currently on engineering's plate (

Scrum of Scrums[edit]

  • Anything from SoS that we should be aware of?
    • Analytics doing heavy A/B testing, so “take it easy” on event logging for next 10 days
    • Some concerns about event logging servers overload
      • Kevin and Dan will talk to firm up our requirements
  • Are we blocked?
    • No
  • Are we blocking?
    • No

Info/To Discuss[edit]

From last week

  • How much of our new Java developer will go to WDQS?
  • Oliver proposes that all logging should go to the analytics cluster
    • Examples: Elastic, WDQS.
    • Need to spread the knowledge of how to do it (Oliver will coach Stas)
    • Nik: Should elastic go to kibana? KS to follow up

Any reports from the Hackathon? Should we schedule a meeting just for that?

  • Wes will set up

How can we have a maps presence at wikimania (since it wasn’t accepted)

  • At hackathon segment, but that’s just technical
  • Reach out to organizers to find out how we can


  • OpenStreetMaps conference this weekend which some folks will attend
  • Some folks will attend the Open Air conf Thursday June 4 (SF)
  • Kevin is giving Kanban tech talk June 15
  • Wikimania (July 15-19)
    • (need to insert relevant team page here)