Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Quarterly review, November 2013/Notes


Noles from the Q2 Release Engineering + QA Quarterly Review

Attendees: Jeff, Greg, Erik, Chris S, RobLa, Chris M, Zeljko, Andre, Ori, Sam, Dan

Last quarter's goals

  • Better align QA
  • Improve our deployment process
  • Take Beta Cluster to next level

Things that we weren't able to get to:

  • Better align QA
    • Increase capacity through community training for browser tests
  • Improve our deployment process
    • automate as much as possible
    • improve tooling
  • Take Beta Cluster to next level
    • automated test for the API
    • feed experiences from Beta to production

Beta cluster certs - identifying a subset of certs that will get us the most bang for the buck

git-deploy: need to work out ownership

Sam is slightly leaning towards git-deploy even though it could be a long haul to get to feature parity to all the hacks ontop of scap

ACTION: Need to document the feature requirements of sartoris/etc - possible task for Bryan Davis after scholorship app

ACTION: clarify priority of work with antoine re vagrant spin ups for Jenkins builds


  • <- It's up, but Antoine could use help from ops on this
  • Antoine would like to make tests against Vagrant instances triggered by Jenkins as a priority


  • Q: who is working on Vagrant support?
    • A: mostly distributed (e.g. Adam, Yuvi, etc)
  • Tomasz: what is being done to distribute work to other teams?
    • Greg: I think that's what our first bullet point was trying to get at
    • Chris: we have a great model working with the Language team


  • Ops support: not in the next 2 months, realistically
  • Deployment and tooling related:
    • resourcing for tooling dev
    • begin with a sprint to kick off dev tooling with aaron/ori (arch) and bryan (dev)?
    • delegate from Aaron: FileBackend
    • maybe easier to do limited bursts of support with an explicit backlog of issues for a specific component (eg ResourceLoader)