Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Quarterly review, August 2013/Notes



  • GG Greg G.
  • CM Chris M.
  • RL RobLa
  • CH Chad
  • AF Asher
  • EM Erik M.
  • TF Tomasz
  • QG Quim
  • SR Sam Reed
  • AK Andre K.
  • SH Sumana
  • ŽF Željko
  • JF James F.
  • OL Ori
  • MG Michelle


  • Ken
  • Antoine
  • Ariel
  • Ryan Lane



  • Desire for having a way to use beta-labs cluster (or some other valid environment) with arbitrary versions of code of arbitrary extensions/core (e.g. "how does master VisualEditor work with currently-deployed core and ULS?").


  • ACTION RL/CM/JF: Put together an RFP for experienced tester for VisualEditor with "experience writing automated tests" as a plus rather than a core (Quim has ~3 CVs already from the QA events in the past).
  • ACTION JF: VE team have hack JS splice-out proxy idea that they will share so that others can use it (but only allows local testing against production where the code is in JS and executed client-side).
  • ACTION CM: Put browser tests in the repos of the feature they test, this will allow more frequent test running than the twice a day we have now.
  • ACTION GG: We need test discoverability for Selenium/etc. tests - add to core's backlog a system for QA tests similar to how unit tests work in MW core right now?
  • ACTION GG: outline the options of testing infra and documenting where we want to go/what we're missing/pain points
  • ACTION GG/CM/RL: process documentation for ideal test/deployment steps - re-run the ThoughtWorks process we used two years ago to examine and help us start to iterate?
  • ACTION GG: Add atomicity to success metrics for deploy related goal
  • ACTION GG/KS: do retrospectives (post-mortem isn't a nice word)