Wikimedia Platform Engineering/MediaWiki Core Team/Quarterly review, March 2013

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What we have done since September 2012[edit]


  • Lua scripting
    • Tim, Brad, Chad, Aaron
    • Profiler
    • Richer Lua environment implemented:
      • mw.ustring
      • mw.language
      • mw.uri
    • Deployment to English Wikipedia and 13 other wikis!
  • TemplateSandbox
    • Brad
  • Gerrit
    • Chad, Christian
    • Upgraded to Gerrit 2.5, 2.6
    • Fixed various bugs
    • Set up Github replication
  • Test infrastructure
  • Datacenter migration
    • (whole team effort)
    • Removed NFS dependency from Math, Timeline, ConfirmEdit, ExtensionDistributor
    • Read-only mode tested
    • Ceph support
  • Media storage
    • Aaron, Jan
  • Job queue
    • Aaron
    • Performance
    • Duplicate removal
    • Refactoring
    • Redis backend
    • External DB backend
  • Admin tools
    • Chris, Aaron
    • AbuseFilter global rules
    • ConfirmAccount admin notification
    • CentralAuth mass account locking
  • Lucene search maintenance
    • Ram, Tim, Aaron
    • RMI timeouts
  • Wikivoyage migration
    • Chris, Sam
    • Extension review
    • Account migration
  • Wikidata deployment
    • Tim, Sam, Chad, Chris
    • Code review
    • Deployment

Projects and activities that will continue into next quarter (March–June 2013)[edit]


  • Deployment
    • Core deployments
    • External team deployments
      • Wikidata
      • Board elections
  • Shell bugs
  • Test infrastructure (Beta cluster and continuous integration)
  • MediaWiki operations (performance, debugging, ops team support)
  • Large code review projects (e.g. Wikidata)
  • Security issue response
  • Git/Gerrit improvement
  • Incremental architectural improvements
  • Volunteer contributed deployments
  • Admin tools
  • Multimedia maintenance

Projects with ends in sight[edit]

  • Lua (March deployment plus education and wrapup)
  • Search
  • Media storage
  • Current large code review projects
    • EducationProgram
    • Wikidata
    • API redesign
    • E3 analytics API
    • Fundraiser 2013
    • Wikimania scholarship forms (later this year)

New projects starting next quarter (March–June 2013)[edit]

Major projects[edit]

As time allows[edit]

Back burner[edit]

  • git-deploy
  • Configuration database
  • Central code repo

Outcomes of potential projects[edit]

Project Developer encouragement Features Bug fixes Performance
OAuth Y
Admin tools Y
Caching improvements Y
Volunteer contributed project deployment Y Y Y
Job queue Y Y
Configuration database Y

Breakdown of activities by person[edit]

  • Aaron Schulz
    • OAuth, media storage, incremental architectural improvements, volunteer contributed deployments (VipsScaler, Score)
  • Antoine Musso
    • Test infrastructure, OAuth sprint
  • Brad Jorsch
    • OAuth, Lua, API reviews, volunteer contributed deployments
  • Chris Steipp
    • OAuth, security releases, Wikidata reviews, other security reviews, volunteer contributed deployments (Blame Map review), admin tools development
  • Chad Horohoe
    • Git/Gerrit, Search, OAuth sprint
  • Greg Grossmeier
    • Release management
  • Munagala Ramanath (Ram)
    • Search, OAuth sprint
  • Sam Reed
    • Releases, shell bugs, Education Program review, OAuth sprint, volunteer contributed deployments
  • Tim Starling
    • OAuth, Lua, volunteer contributed deployments, incremental architectural improvements
  • Christian Aistleitner
    • Gerrit
  • Jan Gerber
    • TimedMediaHandler

Questions for the group[edit]

  • Deployments/releases
    • Should we aspire to a faster cycle than once every 2 weeks?
    • How active of a role should we play in support of non-Wikimedia uses of MediaWiki?
  • Test infrastructure
    • What role should beta play in the deployment cycle?
    • Do we make people deploy to beta before production, period?
  • Code review
    • What statistics should we track, and how should we go about getting those numbers?

Meeting summary[edit]

Summary for the meeting.