Wikimedia Labs/Things to fix in beta

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  1. Change logos
  2. Add notice (preferably at the top of the page) to tell users that beta is a test environment, and not a production project. Also, the notice should inform users of the agreement to disclosure of personally identifiable information.
  3. Account creation form should display the Wikimedia Labs/Account creation text
  4. The privacy policy section should also mention the information about beta being a test environment, and should link to the agreement to disclosure of personally identifiable information
  5. Checkuser must be disabled
  6. Rename central wiki from Labs to Beta - why?
  7. Ensure that it's clear that steward access on beta does not give steward access to anything outside of beta
    Just add some documentation that can be pointed to
  8. Ensure beta isn't being indexed (add a robots.txt that disallows all crawlers)