Wikimedia Engineering/WMF Tech Days 2013/Design at WMF

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Design at the WMF[edit]

Jared Zimmerman + other presenters
2:45 pm - 90 minutes - North side of 3rd floor
  • Front-End Developers
  • Product Managers
  • Anyone else interested in design and pattern thinking
  • Explain how Design will be functional cross-team across the WMF
  • Consistent, appropriate cross device experiences
  • Q & A


  • Creating awareness about the work of the design group (agora controls, typography) (other than a PDF) so people can participate and give feedback
  • Start conversation with a design intro, transitions to technical aspects
  • Who uses and will use Agora controls
    • Teams ready for Agora controls: Flow, Onboarding, OAuth, Visual Editor, Account Creation/Login, Language Engineering.
  • Discussion vs. presentation (e.g. LESS) ratio?