Wikimedia Discovery/Roles and responsibilities


Director of Discovery ("Management, Strategic, and Vision")[edit]

  • Provide overall vision and direction for product
  • Communicate progress and direction cross organization
  • Provide support to team leads
  • Getting the team t-shirts and hoodies
  • Removing blockers
  • Keeping energy, enthusiasm and motivation towards central goals
  • Staffing: Hiring, Contractors, Personnel, Budgeting
  • Providing staff mentorship for personal and professional growth
  • Coordinating across department engineering teams
  • Connecting external partners with internal teams as necessary
  • Driving KPI's and operational efficiency
  • Growing internal leadership
  • Removing single points of failures as necessary
  • Contributing to overall strategic direction

Product Manager/Product Owner ("Product Vision and Story Prioritization")[edit]

  • Be the single point of escalation for contending priorities among stakeholders
  • Determine priority of tasks
  • Make final decision about whether or not work done on stories is complete ('acceptance')
  • Make final decisions about trade-offs when desired functionality, or scope, exceeds the capacity of the team
  • Managing the product roadmap :)
  • Be readily available to team members as questions arise
  • Be responsible for including all relevant team members in discussions and reviews

Engineering Manager[edit]

  • Organize teams to be effective in meeting their goals
  • Develop goals and track progress publicly and collaboratively
  • Represent team members within the organization and publicly
  • Coordinate with other teams and departments
  • Support the development of team members' individual career paths
  • Recruit and hire new team members

UX Lead ("UX Design and Vision, and leading UI engineers")[edit]

  • Hiring, and building a design team, including UX engineers and designers
  • Worrying about how we can be the best damn designed product in the organization
  • Setting up design processes that enables the team to ship a well designed product
  • Building design patterns that can be used across the team and even within the whole organization
  • Review and approve patches and builds with Product Owner to maintain product quality
  • Overseeing UX implementation with the help of Front-end engineers
  • Explore new avenues through prototyping
  • Provide a UX vision for the team

Tech Lead ("Architecture and Code Quality")[edit]

  • An engineer + all this other stuff
  • Set standards for code quality and code review
  • Make architectural decisions
  • Answer tech questions of developers, or point them to other resources
  • Be a single point of contact for any questions relating to the engineering and technology of the product +1
  • Devs can bring specific questions about tasks to the PO
  • Represent the views and perspective of the engineering team in broader discussions
  • Ensuring that the team is represented at Scrum of Scrums (so far Stas has been representing search at SoS)
  • Supporting recruiting & hiring

Agile Coach ("Facilitation and Process Improvement")[edit]

  • Suggest process improvements
  • Help clear any blockers; raise awareness of risks
  • Arrange and facilitate meetings (e.g. standups and retrospectives)
  • Support quarterly planning
  • Assist Product owners with backlog grooming
  • Produce artifacts such as burn-down charts, as needed

Community Liaison ("Community Engagement for Software Deployment")[edit]

  • Facilitating communications from and to the WMF's Product and Engineering departments
  • Assisting with testing, bug filing, documentation writing
  • Delivering announcements, news, and feedback
  • Engaging translators for the user interface and for documentation

Data Analyst ("Research, Analysis, Metrics, and Reporting")[edit]

  • Perform ad-hoc analyses and communicate results
  • Develop and maintain Discovery Dashboards
  • Work with teams to design KPIs and other metrics
  • Help design, oversee, analyze, and report on A/B tests
  • Provide analytics support for product managers, product owners, and other engineers
  • Point of contact for other departments (e.g. Legal) for Discovery-owned data
  • Contribute UDFs to Analytics' Refinery