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Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Onboarding David

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New hire/onboarding plan for David Caro as SRE in the Wikimedia Cloud Services team.

Who to ask for help[edit]

  • Nicholas - Manager - Eastern Timezone (UTC-6)
  • Arturo - Mentoring - Central European Timezone (UTC+2)
  • Andrew - 'Buddy' - Central Timezone (UTC-7)

Onboarders References[edit]

Onboardee Reference[edit]

First tasks[edit]

Here is a list of the first few tasks that might be interesting to David:

30/60/90 Breakdowns[edit]

November 2 - November 6[edit]

Meet everyone online and get setup.
Start to learn about Cloud VPS, Toolforge, and team
  • Day 1 (Getting settled in)
    • Ask questions about any and all of this. There is a long tailed setup process and lots of accounts. We made a Phabricator task to keep track of gaining all the permissions. The first week will be chaotic. Don't worry.
    • (done) Join #wikimedia-cloud-admin connect, #wikimedia-cloud connect, and #wikimedia-operations connect channels
    • (done) Login to your wikimedia.org email and make sure it works
    • (done) Login to https://office.wikimedia.org/, look around, and make yourself a User page.
    • (done) Add yourself to the internal contact list.
    • (done) Login to metawiki and make yourself a User page.
    • (done) Login to MediaWiki wiki and either make yourself a User page or let Help:Extension:GlobalUserPage show people your user page from metawiki.
    • (done) Create a Wikitech/LDAP account
      • The "Toolforge users" workflow is probably the easiest to follow.
      • Use your @wikimedia.org email address.
      • Your shell account name will be the same in Cloud VPS, Toolforge, and WMF production so choose wisely.
      • You can use an existing ssh key or make a new one as you like (privileged keys will be made later).
    • (done) Login to wikitech with your new account and make a User page for yourself.
    • (done) Create a Phabricator account by logging in with your Wikitech/LDAP account.
    • (done) Link your Phabricator account to your staff wiki account too (Settings > External accounts).
    • (done) Login to Gerrit and add an ssh key so you can upload patches
    • (in progress) Get an IRC cloak (or at least start to get one) and join #mediawiki_security ("op yourself and add them via /mode #mediawiki_security +I <nick>!*@* ")
    • (done) Read the wiki and other docs
  • Day 2
    • (done) Sync up with Arturo
  • Day 4
    • (done) Sync up with Arturo
    • (todo) Create a welcome email to send to tech-all and post in slack (Nicholas will help create)
  • Day 5
    • (done \o/) You made it through week 1!
    • (done) Learn about gerrit, checkout puppet repository, review a team patch
    • (done) Followup on onboarding requests and enjoy a "Silent Friday"


  • (done) Add the Technical Engagement team calendar to your calendar app
  • (done) Get in all IRC channels
  • (done) Cloud root
  • (done) Create prod root key changeset for week next SRE meeting
  • (done) Add 'cteam' for IRC ping
  • (done) Register in gerrit https://gerrit.wikimedia.org
  • (done) Review open tasks in Phabricator's #cloud-services

November 9 - November 13[edit]


  • (done) Follow-up on your pending access requests
  • (done) Ask for some potential clinic-duty tasks, and learn more about clinic duty process
  • (done) Meet with your buddy and setup a cadence
  • (done) Attend WMCS weekly status meeting
  • (done) Learn about Q2 Goals
  • (done :}) Enjoy a company-wide holiday from November 11 - November 13 to setup for a long weekend

November 16 - November 20[edit]


  • (in progress) Experiment with WMCS services -- sign up for and use toolforge, cloud VPS, quarry, PAWS, dumps, wiki replicas
  • (done) Add your photo and other details to office wiki
  • (done) Update team pages to include you! :-)

November 23 - November 27[edit]


  • Try working with phabricator tasks, see list above for a selection.
  • Signup for clinic duty
  • Meet Developer Advocacy Team
  • Learn more about the community we serve



  • (done) Attend first SRE meeting
  • Learn more about Tech Department structure
  • Continue Buddy check-ins
  • Help team finish Q2 goals!



  • Participate in Q3 Planning
  • Be ready for new OKR's
  • Participate in your first ITC
  • Learn more about wider organizational structure