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The 2018-2019 Annual Plan's Better Use of Data Program for the Wikimedia Foundation includes a Better Use of Data program to create more reliable, efficient and accessible means of collecting, interpreting and sharing data. As part of that program, this project aims to designate a steward to organize legacy reports, enforce guidelines for organization of future reports, and maintain a reporting portal. This goal is captured as output 4.1 in the Annual Plan.

What's the plan?[edit]

The report steward in collaboration with all Audiences teams product managers and product analysts is creating a singe wiki page that provides stakeholders a reliable place to find links to up-to-date reports on the Annual Plan new content program metrics.

Throughout the year, each metrics owner will coordinate with their team to collect updated reports to show progress towards the identified targets. As updated reports come in, the report steward will update the report page with the provided link and review the reports to ensure that they are documented, labeled, and described in a way that is accessible by all stakeholders.

Status updates[edit]

March 2019[edit]

  • Adding reports to the reporting portal has been paused pending clarification and prioritization of data needs with PMs.

January 2019[edit]

  • Discussed plan and new timeline with Head of Product Analytics.
  • Created task to coordinate with Product Analytics team to collect current reports on Annual Plan metrics for review and posting.

September 2018[edit]

  • Metric reports still pending.
  • Continued to update new content program metric definitions based on input from the teams.

August 2018[edit]

  • Product analysts began work to generate metrics reports.
  • Updated new content program metric definitions based on input from the teams.

July 2018[edit]

  • Posted the metrics reports wiki page on MediaWiki so it was ready for report collection.
  • Continued coordination with each metrics owner to compile a definition list of all of the new content program metrics.

June 2018[edit]

  • Drafted a wiki page to track and organize metrics reports relevant to the new content program metrics.
  • Revised wiki page to address comments including the addition of a column to show the review status of each report.
  • Reviewed past report examples to understand the various report types and identify common report characteristics (for example, are the reports discoverable, unique, accessible, and up to date?).

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