Wikimedia Product/2017-18 Q2 Goals

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Purpose of this document: Goals for the Wikimedia Audiences department for the second quarter of fiscal year 2017–18 (October 2017 – December 2017). The goal setting process owner in each section is the person responsible for coordinating completion of the section, in partnership with the team and relevant stakeholders.

Goals for the Technology department are available on their own page.

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Community Tech[edit]

Focused on meeting the needs of active Wikimedia editors for improved, expert-focused curation and moderation tools.

Goal setting process owner: Danny Horn

Team Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status
Anti-Harassment Tools Increase the confidence of our admins for resolving disputes Allow wiki administrators to understand the sequence of interactions between two users so they can make an informed decision by building and releasing the Interaction Timeline. EOQ In progress In progress
Consult with Wikimedians about shortcomings in MediaWiki’s current blocking functionality in order to determine which blocking tools (including sockpuppet, per-page, and edit throttling) our team should build in the coming quarters. Support & Safety Q3 In progress In progress
Reduce harassment by improving preventative solutions Allow users to control who communicate with them by allowing them to prohibit direct emails from certain user groups. EOQ In progress In progress
Prevent more types of blatant harassment on English Wikipedia by improving AbuseFilter performance and working with the community to enable additional anti-harassment edit filters. Performance team EOQ In progress In progress
Decide if we need to make any changes to ProcseeBot, a tool that automatically blocks open proxies from editing Wikipedia, or if we want to port it to Meta to perform global proxy blocks, by working with the bot’s creator User:Slakr. End of November Yes Done
Improve how our team communicates with Wikimedians Encourage active, constructive participation between Wikimedians and the Anti-Harassment Tools team through the entire product development cycle (pre- and post-release) by establishing communication guidelines and cadence. EOQ In progress In progress
Community Wishlist Improve very active contributors' productivity Rollout support for section heading URLs for non-Latin languages (wish #3) EOQ In progress In progress
Rollout support for global preferences (wish #4) EOQ In progress In progress
Represent both large and small communities Build a Grant metrics tool that automatically counts and updates important metrics Community Resources EOQ To do To do
Analyze the initial effects of ACTRIAL on English Wikipedia, and publish a report with findings based on the first month of data. EOQ To do To do
Include Wikimedia communities in goal development and prioritization Conduct 2017 Community Wishlist Survey, in collaboration with contributors from all Wikimedia projects EOQ To do To do


Goal setting process owner: James Forrester

Team Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status
Editing 3.1: Improve and consolidate our unified editing platform so that it's great on all devices
  • Update the desktop and mobile performance analyses of the visual editor paired with new ones of the 2017 and 2010 wikitext editors.
  • Determine and set performance benchmarks for these editing environments.
  • Identify and plan out any actionable performance improvements based on this work.
Community Liaisons


EOQ Yes Done
  • All core features of Content Translation are available in the version of Content Translation which is integrated with the visual editor.
  • All beta feature users of Content Translation get an editing experience consistent with the visual editor.
  • Deploy Content Translation for all users on a wiki following any community requests.
Community Liaisons EOQ N Not done
Design 3.5: Modernise user interface technologies to encompass mobile and desktop platforms, with continued work on the Wikimedia-wide adoption of a standard Web user interface library Research and define contributors requirements for responsive toolbars – both, design and technical – resulting in a final design in regard to upcoming products usage (OOjs UI, VisualEditor in Vector & on mobile, ContentTranslation, StructuredDiscussions, …). Audiences Design EOQ Incomplete Partially done
Parsing 3.6: Support work towards unifying MediaWiki's parser implementations, in liaison with Technology's MediaWiki team Replace Tidy on, testwiki, and a few other wikis. Identify process to roll this out on other wikis Community Liaisons


MediaWiki Platform

EOQ Yes Done
Implement the Parsoid API endpoint to render Parsoid HTML in the requested language variant. Community Liaisons


MediaWiki Platform

EOQ Incomplete Partially done
New Editor Experiences 4.1: Expand and deepen our understanding of the experiences of new editors in emerging communities based on generative research Produce a prioritised list of possible areas of intervention based on the New Editor Experiences project and generative research for wider discussion and then selection. Community Liaisons

Audiences Design

EOQ Yes Done
Global Collaboration 5.1.1: Develop a deeper understanding of how communities share, surface, and select contribution tasks on their wikis by researching community-built systems, especially focused on larger wikis Create a prioritized shortlist of ideas for features that address the needs identified in our research, prioritizing interventions that reduce backlogs and increase participation most. Said features will support users by surfacing recommendations, possibly personalised to their activities and interests. Begin planning at least one project that can be executed this year. Community Liaisons

New Editor Experiences

Audiences Design

EOQ To do Postponed
5.3.2: Improve structured discussion features for the communities that use them, based on user feedback and prioritising technical debt Reduce the product debt in the structured discussion front end, replacing it with the accessible, consistent framework used elsewhere. Let editors search on-board for structured discussion posts and topics, and in the standard wiki-wide search form. Community Liaisons EOY Incomplete Partially done


Goal setting process owner: Jon Katz

Team Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status
Multimedia Give the multimedia team expertise in Wikibase while unblocking further SDoC development by having the team take on completion of the MediaInfo extension for Wikibase.
  • Deployment of a "feature complete" Wikibase extension that solves any issues with semantics/translations, referencing media by file name, and other identifiable issues
  • SDoC development blockers related to MediaInfo are removed
  • Number of internal developers with Wikibase and Wikidata experience increases
Wikidata team for guidance when necessary EOQ To do To do
Web Provide an expanded reading experience by improving the ways that users can download articles of interest for later consumption
  • Improve functionality of new PDF renderer - build new rendering system for book creation to replace the retired OCG system
  • Deploy button allowing readers to download PDFs from the mobile website
Services, TechOps, Services, Community Liaisons, Reading Infrastructure, New Readers EOQ To do To do
Increase learning for all users by providing articles that load quickly in various settings Continue work on new mobile website with a focus on performance and connection management (aka "Marvin"), prepare for user testing on the article namespace and basic functionality in Q3 Reading infrastructure, Services, TechOps, Performance, Security Ongoing, full roadmap for project can be found on the project page To do To do
iOS Support power readers and encourage re-use by supporting Reading Lists, including syncing lists across logged in devices Port the foldering and sorting capabilities of Reading Lists from Android to replace existing Saved Pages. Allow logged in users to sync their Reading Lists across devices. Reading Services, Community Liasons EOQ In progress In progress
Android Support New Readers with variable connectivity (New Reader Persona Sandeep), by adding support to import, read and search offline content from the ZIM format to the Android app, and defining a plan for how ZIMs will be created and served. Iterate on the alpha from Q1 and finalize scope and resolve or plan for any additional dependencies, particularly for serving ZIMs. Reading Services, New Readers, TechOps EOQ In progress In progress
Reading Infrastructure Improve reliability and consistency of page display by normalizing page content for Reader clients Deploy Beta of Page Content Service and begin integrating into at least one client TechCom, Services, Ops EOQ In progress In progress
Discovery Update the portal codebase to be completely automated for ease of ongoing maintenance. Automate portal project updates: statistics and translations Operations EOQ In progress In progress
Support the move to be more operationally centralized and roll out a new map style that has numerous updates and enhancements. Finalize and deploy new map style; replicate maps test cluster in Wikimedia Cloud Service; monitor for critical bugs Community Engagement, Operations EOQ and on-going In progress In progress


Goal setting process owner: Anne Gomez

Program Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status
Structured Data on Commons MCR sufficiently ready such that the Multimedia and Search Platform teams can start using it to test and prototype things
  • MCR sufficiently ready
  • Multimedia and Search Platform teams can test and prototype things
MediaWiki Platform, Wikidata, Multimedia, Search Platform EOQ To do To do

See Wikimedia Technology/Goals/2017-18 Q2#Segment_4:_Programs

See Wikimedia Technology/Goals/2017-18 Q2#Segment_4:_Programs

Multimedia, Community Programs, Technical Collaborations EOQ In progress In progress
Determine metrics and metrics baseline for Commons (T174519)
  • Identify existing eventlogging for Commons on projects (if any)
  • Create (as needed) eventlogging schema and deploy
  • Analysis of logged data will be used to determine:
    • How users generally use Commons
    • Identification of behaviors that can help to make search better
    • Statistical breakdowns (number of users across projects, types of file uploads, % breakdown by file type, breakdown by license type, etc.)
Discovery, Research, Search Platform EOQ To do To do
Give the multimedia team expertise in Wikibase while unblocking further SDoC development by having the team take on completion of the MediaInfo extension for Wikibase.
  • Deployment of a "feature complete" Wikibase extension that solves any issues with semantics/translations, referencing media by file name, and other identifiable issues
  • SDoC development blockers related to MediaInfo are removed
  • Number of internal developers with Wikibase and Wikidata experience increases
Wikidata team for guidance when necessary EOQ To do To do
  • Create GLAM stakeholder outreach strategy (T175675)
  • Cleanup and update drive for the info portal about Structured Data on Commons (T173820)
Community Programs, Technical Collaborations EOQ To do To do
New Readers 1.2 Rapid Grants focused on raising awareness through community advocacy. The Community Resources team will work with Communications to develop a Rapid Grant application for awareness-building projects. We will facilitate a training and a check-in meeting for a cohort of grantees to build capacity, gather feedback, and support knowledge sharing between awareness advocates. Finalize content and outreach plan for Inspire campaign and round of Rapid Grants in Q3 to support communities increasing awareness locally. Community Resources, Programs, Communications EOQ To do To do
2.1 Build better interfaces for offline support for individuals who sometimes have internet access across all platforms, working hand in hand with existing solutions (both community and external). In particular:
  • extend functionality in Android app
  • build initial offline functionality for the mobile web
Work with Android team to deploy Offline Libraries (ZIM files) feature in Android app, allowing readers who have ZIM files to open and read them in the app. Figure out how to serve ZIMs in the app, and begin to resolve those blockers. Readers (Android + Infrastructure), Legal, Communications, Programs, Partnerships? EOQ To do To do
2.3 Better understand the existing ecosystem of solutions for offline support of Wikimedia content. Assess if it would be useful to partner with existing efforts (such as Kiwix or distributors) and move forward on those that have potential through product, grants, and/or partnerships. Support offline educational community through funding, advising, and distribution. Continue to support grantees and develop distribution paths for offline Wikipedia products (Wikipedia Android app as well as community created products). Programs, Community Resources, Global Reach ongoing