Wikibase/Schema/wb id counters

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Stores one counter for items, one for properties, and one for lexemes stored in the wikibase repository. Other types of entities could be added in the future.



  • The value of the counter; this is used to get a new unique id for the next new item or property or lexeme entry created.
  • e.g. on Wikidata (at time of writing), wikibase-item has a value of 66087621 and wikibase-property has a value of 7130.


Example values:

  • wikibase-item
  • wikibase-property
  • wikibase-lexeme

Wikidata's table in production currently contains only these three rows.


Current as of Wikibase 1.33.0-wmf.16 (query run on 2 August 2019)

select * from wb_id_counters;
| id_value | id_type           |
| 66087623 | wikibase-item     |
|    58156 | wikibase-lexeme   |
|     7130 | wikibase-property |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)