WikiReleaseTeam/Release management meetup


Release Management Meetup[edit]

Wikimania, Hongkong, 10. August 2013, 14:30 HKT


  • Mark Hershberger
  • Markus Glaser
  • Manuel Schneider
  • Ralf Roletschek
  • Raymond King
  • Benny Lin
  • Yuri Perohanych

Topics covered[edit]


several of the attendees were running wiki farms
farming should be kept in mind for update processes

Support desk[edit]

Support desk language is English. Hard for non-English speakers
You can post in other languages there and it will be translated.
We need to make that option more prominent as apparently it wasn't clear


Spam is a big issue for sites running MediaWiki. Especially new user registrations with spam accounts
We should ship the tarball with a good default configuration, e.g. to use SpamBlacklist with the list found on meta
Spambots get through even with confirm email configuration

Update / Upgrade[edit]

Extension compatibility is a big problem
Templates, gadgets and wikipedia functionality should be bundled. So you have a installation option "like Wikipedia"


ship the core
download extensions from somewhere


interesting for cloud. Should be one technology among others for shipping MediaWiki


  • we need some sort of extension manager