WMF product development process/Release

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Reviews by dependent stakeholders from the concept stage to validate concept completion. Community review and initial feedback on the development may influence release & rollout timing.  Teams will be analyzing performance and adoption.  If any issues or bugs are found the feature may roll back a stage or two depending on the severity of issues found. Announcements or events may also be created around releases.  These tasks could apply to alpha, beta and production level feature releases. The tasks are driven by Product Managers, Communications, Community Liaisons, Release Engineering and could include participation, validation or checkins with Operations, Legal, and Security. Bugs, analysis and feedback in this round can send features back to the build phase.

Community communication and documentation checklist – Release
  1. Concept and resulting product are reviewed for completeness
    • This review is documented
    • Including translations
  2. Each stage of release has a feedback loop (alpha, beta, production)
  3. Determine order of release (which wikis on which dates)