Voice assistants and Wikimedia

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A list of resources/links related to voice-activated software that interacts with Wikimedia project content. See also w:en:Smart speaker (d:Q26884850)

Open source[edit]

MycroftAI (w:en:Mycroft (software) - d:Q29377049)
Hackathon 2019 prototype offline voice based Wikipedia (codename "wiki wiki")
Self-hosted extendable personal intelligent assistant (SEPIA)

Closed source[edit]

Amazon Alexa (w:en:Amazon Alexa - d:Q28022144)
Apple Siri (w:en:Siri - d:Q582159)
  • ?
Google Assistant (w:en:Google Assistant - d:Q25025241)
  • ?
Microsoft Cortana (w:en:Cortana - d:Q15897235)
  • ?

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  • I (Quiddity) was looking at this idea (Alexaphone) for a semi-increased-privacy interface for commercial smart speakers , and I remembered the existence of Mycroft AI (the open source Alexa/etc competitor). I decided to see what else was out there, and compiled this list. Please update/overhaul/etc.