Following describes generic test plan for testing Visual editor for languages having input methods

Types of IME based on technology Visual Editor must support[edit]

  • Web:
  • Local OS:
    • Plain: standard keyboard layouts, InScript
    • Microsoft IME (Chinese, Japanese)
    • ibus (linux)
    • XKB(linux)
    • Google desktop IME
    • other 3rd party desktop ime popularly used in the specific language.

Types of IME based keymaps Visual Editor must support[edit]

  • 1-1 Transliteration keymaps (InScript maps, Georgian etc)
  • complex rule based transliteration keymaps (Most phonetic keymaps)

Considerations for the fixture:[edit]

  • Content language of the wiki (it may be worth to test it with several installations with different content languages.)

Test Setup[edit]

  • Choose a wiki page where Visual Editor is installed.
  • Enable the ime to test and Edit page
  • Save the page and observe results.


  1. Type contents of sample Wikipage in the langauge using the ime of 4 paragraphs and 200 words. Include common punctuation marks, different heading levels etc.
  2. Include symbols, special characters in the language, styling elements in the content including bold, italic, heading levels etc
  3. Use keyboard as well as icons for doing style changes.
  4. Use delete, backspace, navigation keys(left, right, up, down, page up, page down, home, end) while typing. (Home/end are definitely different on Mac.)
    1. While using delete / backspace, the character must change as they do elsewhere.
    2. Navigation keys must behave like they do usually while navigating between text. Control+<left/right> should navigate between words properly (word endings). (control-left/right is different on Mac.)
  5. Try escaping special characters for which transliteration rules exist and use them in the text.
  6. Turn off the IME and input some text in latin. Turn on IME again and input text. Look for formatting issues. (+1 - thanks for remembering that. Latin is probably the most common case. Switching to other layouts in general may be relevant, too.)
  7. Copy paste bulk text from existing language wiki pages and try editing using the ime.

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