VisualEditor/Todo later list


This is a list of features and items for the Visual editor project that have been de-scoped (or were never in scope) for the June release.


  • IME doesn't work (in this screencast, user enters "日本語化" but "にほ" gets written)
  • Nested lists (and related items)bugzilla:37854
    • Unlisting should unlist all list levelsbugzilla:37905
    • Indent and outdent buttons do not workbugzilla:37906
    • Placing the cursor (by clicking or through the cursor keys) into sub-lists breaks - it "flashes" in, but then disappears (is no longer drawn anywhere) and cannot be used (e.g. shift-left or etc. doesn't work).bugzilla:37907
  • Detection of external links in link inspector sucks (Roan)
  • parser tests are broken
  • Internet Explorer
    • Cursor can't be moved into an empty paragraph with up/down arrow keys
    • Can't draw selection with shift+left
  • Keybindings for undo/redo
  • Spaces in headers not being trimmed for display (but retained where needed)
  • Edit conflicts don't present a conflicts screen, just save (and over-write) blindly (bugzilla:37828)


  • Audit and correct use of ve.Range
    • Add methods to ve.Range to support treating a range as unmutable
    • Remove explicit uses of normalize, depend on it being normalized internally
  • traverseLeafNodes should handle being given a document gracefully
  • Audit use of translateRange
    • Consider calling it on the current selection automatically if surface model's change method is called without a selection
  • Change use of "es-*" in CSS classes to match JS class names

New features[edit]

  • Commands and controls
    • Context-free bold/italics (i.e., if no selection, change current mode, bugzilla:33140)
    • Shift-enter
  • Content types
    • Nested lists
    • Definition lists
    • Images
    • Tables
    • Alien nodes
    • -- i.e. demo will only have paragraphs, headings, lists, and text - nothing else for now
  • Slugs between unsupported content-types
  • Feedback link
    • Give a drop-down of what they've found to filter down a little (?)
    • Give context of what content they were editing and what URL (User Agent is helpful but not sufficient when there's lots of content)