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This is an important development and should be put high in the priority list.

Table editing is difficult to do well. We want to do well.

Design Workflow[edit]


  • Allow users to add a new table and start adding content as quickly as possible.
  • Allow users to edit the table in context, without having to go into lots of menus.

Version 2[edit]

Other table editors[edit]

DesiredPossible Functionality[edit]

  • Create table
  • Delete table
  • Resize table column widths
  • Rows
    • Toggle table cells/table headings
    • Add row before
    • Add row after
    • Duplicate row
    • Reorder rows (drag sort)
    • Delete row
  • Columns
    • Toggle table cells/table headings
    • Add column before
    • Add column after
    • Duplicate column
    • Reorder columns (drag sort)
    • Delete column
  • Cells
    • Toggle table cell/table heading
    • Merge right
    • Merge left
    • Merge up
    • Merge down
    • Split into rows
    • Split into columns
    • Change background color (highlight) (eg. w:World Series Most Valuable Player Award)
    • Right-, left-, and center-aligned content
  • Any element
    • edit style and attributes of the element