VisualEditor/Design/Table editor


This is an important development and should be put high in the priority list.

Table editing is difficult to do well. We want to do well.

Design Workflow[edit]


  • Allow users to add a new table and start adding content as quickly as possible.
  • Allow users to edit the table in context, without having to go into lots of menus.

Version 2[edit]

Other table editors[edit]

Service Author CSV/TSV Import MediaWiki Import MediaWiki Export Add rows/columns Remarks
Table Editor 2 Peder Skeidsvoll Yes Yes Yes
Wiki Table Editor golopot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CK Editor Yes webpage extension
Wikia Table Editor uses CK Editor, appears to be disabled
TinyMCE Yes webpage extension
Google Docs n/a spreadsheet program
Aloha Editor Yes webpage extension, no live demo

DesiredPossible Functionality[edit]

  • Create table
  • Delete table
  • Resize table column widths
  • Rows
    • Toggle table cells/table headings
    • Add row before
    • Add row after
    • Duplicate row
    • Reorder rows (drag sort)
    • Delete row
  • Columns
    • Toggle table cells/table headings
    • Add column before
    • Add column after
    • Duplicate column
    • Reorder columns (drag sort)
    • Delete column
  • Cells
    • Toggle table cell/table heading
    • Merge right
    • Merge left
    • Merge up
    • Merge down
    • Split into rows
    • Split into columns
    • Change background color (highlight) (eg. w:World Series Most Valuable Player Award)
    • Right-, left-, and center-aligned content
  • Any element
    • edit style and attributes of the element