VisualEditor/Change markers


Informal (well, pretty informal) summary of the change markers format.

Generally, the format is a JSON object like {"new":82,"content":34,"annotations":15}. The numbers don't really mean anything, if the property is set in the object then it means that that sort of change occurred in the marked node. The JSON object is placed inside the node's data-ve-changed attribute, so it would ultimately look something like <p data-ve-changed="{"new":82,"content":34}">Something here has changed!</p>.

Change marker Meaning
new This is a new node, so there won't be any record of it in the old page revision.
content The text of this node has changed.
annotations There are annotations (things like italics and bolds) in this node, and their content has changed.
childrenRemoved There are some children of this node that were removed.
attributes This node's attributes changed.
rebuilt Something changed and the VE couldn't determine what it was.