Visual-based mobile editing/Ideas/October 2018


The Editing team is looking at the mobile editing experience. They have investigated the state of the visual editor on the mobile site and identified multiple pain points. The next decision is to decide which problems to fix first. This page lists seven ideas for improving the visual editing experience on the mobile site.

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Section editing[edit]

Section editing wireframe sketch
We believe that when editors are focused on a single section they will use section editing mode so that they can better focus on the portion they intend to change

The visual editor normally opens the whole page for editing. When you are focused on a single section, you might prefer section editing. Section editing can help you focus on the portion you intend to change.

See: phab:50429, phab:T86265

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Toolbar improvements[edit]

mobile web toolbar
We believe that when editing on mobile they will use an accessible and convenient toolbar so that they can easily contribute with minimal fumbling around.

Improving the toolbar on the mobile site could make it easier for you to accomplish your editing goals. The toolbar needs to include the right options and have an easily accessible design.

See: phab:113638

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Remember my scroll position[edit]

Scroll position sketch
We believe that when changing from wikitext to visual editor they will see that their scroll depth is preserved so that they can help them return to what they were editing and then quickly publish

This idea is to preserve what's called the "scroll depth" when you switch between editing modes. Right now, when you switch from wikitext editing to the visual editor, you have to save your edit and start over at the top of the page – not right where you were editing. It would be easier for editors if the cursor stayed in the same part of the article, so you could continue with your work.

See: phab:T128422

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Table of contents[edit]

table of contents sketch
We believe that when editors have to navigate through long articles they will use a table of contents to move to a desired position quickly so that they can easily access what they want to edit

Navigating through long articles can require a lot of scrolling. Instead, you could use a table of contents to move to your desired position quickly.

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Differentiating modes with UI[edit]

sketch of different modes
We believe that when switching back and forth between modes they will distinguish read mode, format (within edit) mode, and publish (within edit) mode so that they can successfully navigate access editing tools.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out whether a page is being read or is open for editing. It might be less confusing to have visibly separate modes for reading, formatting, and publishing your changes.

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Figure out whether you're done[edit]

modal feedback
We believe that when they have completed all the steps in an editing process they will receive a feedback confirmation so that they can help them return to what they were editing and then quickly publish.

It's not always clear whether you've finished a workflow. Do you need to do something else before you close that dialog box? Do you need to click something else to publish your changes, or did it happen automatically? It might be less confusing if we added colors, icons, or other indicators that show where you are in a task's workflow.

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Improve copying and pasting[edit]

copy paste tools
We believe that when copying/pasting/moving text in an edit, they will be able to be supported by tools, so that they can complete their edit.

Editors frequently need to copy and paste to move text or focusable nodes (such as references or images). This isn't always easy. We could make it easier by implementing recognizable tools for these common tasks.

See: phab:T204239, phab:T101113

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Do you have another idea?[edit]

If you have another idea, please share it with the Editing team. You can describe your idea on the talk page.

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