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Tpt (talkcontribs)

This seems very promising. Now, let's start with the questions :-)

  1. Will it be possible to set data for a page using current templates? E.g., in every page I already have a template called "header" and I want that some of its fields are stored as data, without modifications to the pages but only to the template. Can I do it?
  2. Will it be possible to get the data not only from the page I'm in, but also from other pages? E.g., in my authors' pages I have the list of the author's works, and for each work I want to show its data (year of publication, proofread quality, etc.), is it possible?
  3. Also, it will be useful to have 2 shortcuts, one that says "give me this data from the basepage, that is, in the page "My novel/Part 1/Chapter 2" get data from "My novel"; and another that says "give me this data from the upper level page" ("My novel/Part 1" in our example).
  4. Why only nsIndex and ns0? This system can be useful for other namespaces too, nsAuthor above all.

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Tpt (talkcontribs)
  1. Of course, the parser function {{#pfdata:ID_OF_THE_METADATA|VALUE}} is done for that.
  2. I haven't think about it. It's a good idea but there is a problem : it's that we have to do a lot of requests on the database in order to get these informations (It's why Semantic Mediawiki is not installed in Wikisource). But if we don't do complex requests, I think it's possible. We have to see with core developers. I don't want to kill the project because of such a problem. Do you have an idea of the parser function to create ?
  3. see 2.
  4. For nsAuthor the informations are the same as Wikipedia infobox ones that will be stored in Wikidata that will provide a module in order to show them in other wikis (see this discussion)
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Beau (talkcontribs)

I like the general idea, as we should avoid any duplication of metadata. I would like to point out that MediaWiki has already page_props table, which can be used to store properties associated with the page. Those properties are already available through API (action=query&titles=Index:Title&prop=pageprops). I have prepared today a proof of concept patch - it is available at It is only a demonstration - it is very hacky and has many rough edges.

It uses ParserBeforeStrip hook (which is not the best solution, but I did not managed to find anything more useful) to parse the page content (using MediaWiki preprocessor) and inject page properties. Each property is named 'property-Arg', where 'Arg' is name of MediaWiki:Proofreadpage_index_template template argument. Current version does not handle wiki-syntax well as tags are visible as parser markers right now, but this can be fixed.

The metadata can be accessed using {{#indexinfo:index-name|property-name}}. Currently this magic word cannot be used in index namespace to avoid loops. The page containing this magic word is added to templatelinks table, so if 'index-name' is modified all pages using metadata will be rebuilt.

I have moved examples to User:Tpt/RFC#Using page props table.

Tpt (talkcontribs)

It's a very interesting solution. Thanks a lot ! Could you create a source repository somewhere in order to work both on it ? Can you also edit this draft page in order to describe your system ?

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