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Jonteemil (talkcontribs)


Thanks for great work with VideoCutTool. I tried to crop c:File:Alhambra.3.ogv but I found a few errors: When you crop and preview, the file name options are weird. If you choose to upload as a new file "Alhambra_(edited).ogv.ogv" is the suggested title. The "3" in the original filename is removed for some reason and the file extension is doubled. If you choose to overwrite the original file instead, the filename "Alhambra.ogv.ogv" is suggested. This obviously differs from the original filename and the application therefore doesn't go through with the overwriting and a red notification box instead appears with the text "Something went wrong". Despite that, this is still rendered: "Your New Videos will be here:". I suggest that message doesn't appear if the upload doesn't work. Also why is video in the plural? Maybe it should be changed to the singular?

Also, why is the upload comment identical to the one that the original file had? Maybe it should be changed to something like "Cropped/Trimmed/Rotated/Removed audio from EXAMPLE.EXT"?

Don't take this as critizism. I do appreciate the tool and effort put into it, I just wanted to make you awere of the issues :).

Gopavasanth (talkcontribs)
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MD Abu Siyam (talkcontribs)

In the video cut tool the year given is still 2019 where it should be 2020 now.Please update it so the new users dont freak out. -- ~~~~

Gopavasanth (talkcontribs)

Hi @MD Abu SiyamThanks for pointing, Done changed the year on the tool :)

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BamLifa (talkcontribs)

Hello !

I've seen from the Wikimedia Hackathon that your room is looking for a co-maintainer. I like thé stack you used to build thé tool and I'm willing to help as co-maintainer. Let's me know if this sounds ok for you.

Gopavasanth (talkcontribs)
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