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I'm just about ready to give up on the wiki community.

The main wikis are no longer easy enough for the average user -- and they are getting just too legalistic.

For example -- I'm trying to set up a album page for a singer I like (Michelle Shocked).

I see that -- all over -- people are uploaded small images of the covers.

Fine -- so I tried to EXACTLY COPY what others have done and while I'm uploaded, my image gets deleted before I'm even done! I guess I violated some sort of copyright

That's just too much! At least let me create and rationalize it's use before deleting it!

Cripes. I give up.

This wiki is only about the MediaWiki software, if you want to create an article about a singer you like, you can create it on Wikipedia, not here, see About this site. iAlex 16:08, 19 October 2007 (UTC)