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Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 (Lyon)[edit]

Hi Brian! I'm not sure if the talk page convention is for me to reply to your message on my own talk page, or write on yours - I'm trying the latter right now, but let me know if I've got it wrong! I don't know anything about automated testing in iOS (or testing at all, really - I'm a shameful developer who doesn't really use tests), but I'm always happy to learn a new topic, so that would be just fine. Or if there are any other projects of interest, that would be cool too. I like app extensions as well; would Wikipedia on Apple Watch make any sense at all in any form, or would that just be ridiculous? Jji (talk)

I think the convention is to reply inline on the same page (like this), with a : indent token (see source). Also, you can "sign" your messages by writing ~ ~ ~ (without spaces), which mediawiki compiles into a link to your user talk page. I've marked you as a buddy with Corey Floyd, who planned to work on Apple Watch primarily, but was also interested in app extensions. Feel free to bounce between projects too! BGerstle (WMF) (talk)
Sounds great, Brian, thanks! Jji (talk)