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User account types

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Users who don't have an account Users who have an account
IP users [1] Temporary users[2] Permanent users[3]
Can have user pages and user talk pages Yes Yes Yes
Can see a banner about messages on their own user talk page Yes Yes Yes
Can use limited client-side customizations (T329557) Yes Yes N/A[4]
IP address revealed to Everyone Some registered users[5] Only CheckUsers
Can choose user name N N Yes
Can log in with a password N N Yes
Can set preferences N N see T330815 Yes
Can belong to user groups N N ? Yes
Can use watchlist N N Yes
Can receive notifications N (see T58828) Yes (see T330509) Yes
Can subscribe to topics N N ? Yes
Can receive Newcomer homepage & Growth features N N (not for MVP) Yes
User::isRegistered() N Yes Yes
User::isAnon() Yes N N
User::isTemp() N Yes N
User::isNamed() N N Yes


  1. Also known as logged-out, unregistered users.
  2. Also known as temp, unnamed or IP masking users.
  3. Also known as logged-in, named, or registered users.
  4. Uses preferences instead.
  5. Wikimedia Access to Temporary Account IP Addresses Policy