Peter J. Woudsma
Peter J. Woudsma
C3 Technology Innovation Engineer,
To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk - Thomas Edison

About me

I'm a MediaWiki user, administrator and developer.

I have worked with MediaWiki since it was introduced in 2006 as a modern collaboration and information sharing portal for technology programs at Headquarters SACT in Norfolk, VA. In 2010 I started building an enterprise architecture tool based on Semantic MediaWiki; this now is the "Enterprise Mapping" portal for NATO and it is used up to strategic levels in the Alliance, while the data is used by various member and partner nations. Recently we launched a wiki for interoperability verification and we are planning to create new wikis for cyber defense testing, for NATO funded programs, and for the official register of interoperability standards and profiles. We are working on techniques to dramatically simplify the definition, development, maintenance and replication of wikis.

My work

My job title assumes that I am tinkering away all day. I'd wish! In reality, I am busy with enterprise architecture, data analysis, event organization and knowledge management for several technology programs. I listen, talk, brainstorm, laugh and occasionally, whistle. I write point papers, emails, letters and concept proposals. All the while I keep an eye on what's going on with the growing amount of wikis that we have running. Tinkering, for me these days means that I am writing wiki code to make our sites nicer and smarter.

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