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I have written for the codding challenge a beginning of an upload wizard for the Android Wikipedia app. This wizard is a port of the desktop one adapted to mobile size and native app. This is only a begging. I have a very few time, I don't know if I have time to finish it.

The code of these modifications is available here. Here is the fist commit. A few enhancement have been done afer a merge with the trunk of the app.


This is only a beginning. Expand the list.

  • Many crash of the upload on unstable connections.
  • ...



  • 2 Nov.. The fist commit.
  • 5 Nov.. A second commit after a merge with the trunk of the app : Rewriting of the login form. Add of a loader widget.
  • 5 Nov.. A third commit : Preview of the file.
  • 11 Nov.. A forth and a fifth commits : ui amelioration and add of location in the form after a new merge with the trunk.


  • i18n when the code will be pretty stable.
  • Description in other languages than english.
  • Add more than one cat.
  • other licences.
  • localisation with help of the GPS,
  • Create real form rather than inputs only for a navigation with the enter keyboard button.
  • Option for an automatic login.
  • ...


Put here your suggestions !