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This interwiki map provides a default list of interwiki link prefixes that is used to populate the interwiki database table on fresh MediaWiki installations.

About the interwiki map
Purpose/scope of this table goes here: to facilitate wiki culture, for convenience in linking, etc
Most well-established and active wikis should have interwiki prefixes, regardless of whether or not they are using MediaWiki software.
Sites that are not wikis may be acceptable in some cases, particularly if they are very commonly linked to (e.g. Google, OEIS).
Note that any Wikia project can be reached using [[Wikia:Projectname:Article name]].
Using this map on your wiki
MediaWiki 1.23 and later come with this interwiki map pre-installed.
how to load this table into an existing MW installation for the first time
how to update the table
If a prefix is removed from this map (this normally only occurs if the site no longer exists), it will not be removed from existing MediaWiki installations. This is to help prevent link rot. If you wish to purge these broken prefixes from your table, run some maintenance script with certain parameters.
Editing this table
procedure for removing prefixes
Interwiki prefixes (first column) cannot contain spaces ( ), colons (:), ampersands (&), or equal signs (=). They should avoid likely conflict with language codes (en:, fr:, etc). The mixed casing present in this table is ignored: none of the letters in the prefixes are case sensitive.
On Wikimedia Foundation wikis, the contents of this map are combined with the WMF local interwiki map. Located at Meta-Wiki, the local map contains interwiki prefixes specific to the Wikimedia universe (chapter and internal wikis, links to our Bugzilla and Gerrit installations, etc).
Technical information goes here A script copies the list below into the database fairly regularly (usually once in several months). Please do not change the format of this table, as the script depends on the format in order to update the interwiki cache.

Interwiki map[edit]