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  • Preferred Name: Tyler
  • Nickname: thcipriani (pretty much everywhere)
  • Website:
  • Location/Timezone: Longmont, CO / America/Denver (MST/MDT)
  • Pronouns: he/him/his


  • Mon–Fri 16:00–00:00 UTC (9am–5pm Mountain)
  • Available ±1hr outside regular availability with advance notice

How to talk to me[edit]

IRC ≥ Slack > Email > Text > Voice

I'm a slow thinker, so I appreciate async communication.

If you present me with something new my first response will be my old thoughts. This works fine if it's something I've thought about before. If I haven't thought about it before, or it's a situation I haven't faced before, my thoughts and opinions are apt to change rapidly as I ponder.

I appreciate time to ponder.

Things I like[edit]

  • Books
    • Fiction and nonfiction
    • I also read junk sci-fi space operas
    • I track what I've read on my blog
  • Blogs (both reading and writing)
  • Photography
  • Astronomy (this relates to photography for me)
  • Birds (this relates to photography for me)
  • Computer science
  • Note taking
  • Git
  • Hiking/Trail running
  • My dog and my cat

Some pictures I've taken:

Things I struggle with[edit]

  • Overscheduling
  • Catastrophizing / Panic
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Leaving work
  • Navigating change

Annoying things I do[edit]

  • I process things too long. I like to believe that I have a bias for action, but deciding a course of action takes me a long time in novel situations.
  • I still write code. I like writing code, but it's probably an annoying thing for your manager to do in many circumstances.
  • I nitpick. I annoy myself with my nitpicks.

Hot takes[edit]

MediaWiki is the perfect format for an encyclopedia, but a terrible format for documentation.


  1. URLs are hard to memorize
  2. The format encourages long-form writing vs digestible chunking of information
  3. Navigation between a small subset of pages is ad-hoc
  4. Extraneous navigation adds to cognitive load of readers without providing benefit
  5. Hierarchies are useful for learning new concepts, but are supported ad-hoc on MediaWiki

You can make good documentation via MediaWiki, but the system works against it.