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This is the first edition of the Indic community technical wishlist!

What is the Indic Community Technical Wishlist?[edit]

Indic Community Technical Wishlist is a list of technical requests curated from the Indian Wikimedia community that need some love and care! This process makes it easier to not only prioritize and address the technical requests but also assign them to new developers from within the community who are excited about the mission and always on the lookout for getting involved in the movement activities. In its current shape, the process looks like this -- members from the community submit, revise and discuss technical proposals, next vote on them, and later implement solutions for the top ten proposals that receive most votes. As this is the first edition of this wishlist, only after reviewing the proposals and understanding their nature, we will brainstorm with developers in the community about ways to address the requests and get some work done for them.

Note: This project is inspired from the existing Wishlists in the Wikimedia movement.


Oct 15th-29th, 2018: Call for technical wishes. During this time, you can submit, revise and discuss on proposals

Oct 30th-Nov 13th, 2018: Voting period

Dec 3rd, 2018 Indic community technical wishlist results announced

What requests would be within and out of the scope of this project?[edit]

This is a community run wishlist. With limited resources and bandwidth, we would be able to give preference to requests that would be easier for someone within the community or a new developer to implement in a short time. Proposals that would be in and out of scope are listed below:

  • Generate utility reports like Wikipedia:Database_reports that could be used to improve content on Wiki projects Yes
  • A gadget or a tool like Twinkle and HotCat that could assist with maintenance tasks Yes
  • Sister project for Wikipedia N
  • A project that might be of benefit to the broader Wikimedia community N

Got questions?[edit]

If you need help in writing a proposal, have questions about this wishlist's process or anything in general post your question on this article's talk page.