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Sparsh Goel (SparshGoel)
Student, JSS Academy of Technical Education,Noida
Think Diffrently!

About me

Hello, I am Sparsh goel from noida, India. I am a third year Information Technology student from JSSATE,Noida. I am known on all wiki's as SparshGoel. My journey on Wikipedia started as an editor.

My work

  • I am a newbie as far as MediaWiki is concerned.
  • I am looking forward to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2014 and interested in the project "A system for reviewing funding requests", mentored by Siko Bouterse (Grantmaking), Bryan Davis (Platform Engineering), Dan Garry (Product/Platform Engineering)

Contact me

  • Wikipedia User Page: User:SparshGoel
  • GTalk IM:
  • IRC Nick: sparshgoel02 on freenode
  • Channels: #mediawiki