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Sonja Fischbauer
Sonja Fischbauer
Freelancer, Wikimedia Österreich
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About me

I am from Vienna, Austria. Holding a degree in archaeology, I worked at prehistoric excavations and in museum education for six years. I have traded my shovel for a laptop, but I still believe that by researching our predecessors’ ways of life, we’ll also gain new insights into today’s issues.

I engage in open knowledge issues, because I strongly believe that to truly advance as a human species, we need to share the already gained knowledge so it can be built upon. If we waste time inventing the wheel over and over again, we're never going to get those jetpacks!

Other than that, I enjoy immersing myself in various aspects of geek culture, train Krav Maga and am an unabashedly terrible cook.

My work

As a self-employed communications consultant, I plan and organize events (with a special fondness for hackathons), write content and develop strategies for communications and outreach. I have a wide field of activities, and I love the variety of it.
I enjoy the freedom to choose the projects I work on, because I want to contribute something useful to this world, something that makes it at least a tiny bit better. That's why I was truly happy to join the Wikimedia Austria team as a freelancer.
For the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 in Vienna, I coordinated outreach activities to stakeholders, sponsors, like-minded communities and press, as well as the mentoring program.
In June 2017, I worked on improving the existing hackathon documentation on and created a comprehensive guidebook as a contractor for WMF.

Contact me

You can talk to me in English, German, and French, if you bring a bit of patience. Plus I can greet you in Klingon and Sindarin, very useful.