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Book management in Wikibooks/Wikisource[edit]

Name and contact information[edit]

Name:Shivam Shah
IRC or IM networks/handle(s):Shivam1392
Timezone: Kolkata,INDIA, UTC+5:30
Typical working hours:12:00PM to 11:00PM until May, 04:00PM to 11:00PM after May (Indian Standard Time) Time constraints: I just want to be clear up front that I do have a few time constraints to work around. I will be working a full-time job up until May 20. I'm also in college, and my semester end examinations happen around the last week of May till first week of June. Although I realize the overlap is somewhat significant, I'll be compensating for it by working overtime after the exams.



Project schedule[edit]

Timeline From - To Date
Setup local environment 21/03/14 - 21/04/14
Analysis and Design for Bugs 53286, 52435 21/04/14 - 30/04/14
Patches for bug fixes 30/04/14 - 20/06/14
Mid Term Evaluation 20/06/14 - 23/06/14
UX design prototyping and wireframing for reading books 23/06/14 - 7/07/14
Implementation of the selected design 07/07/14 - 30/07/14
Writing Documentation and Unit Tests 30/07/14 - 10/08/14
Final Report Submission 20/08/2014


About Me[edit]

My name is Shivam Shah and I am a software engineer from India. I am a fairly good coder and even better problem solver. I did my fair share of if-then-else-while-for before I dived into the ocean of Computer Science. I am deeply interested in Machine Learning and Data Mining. The rest of my interest is shared among Artificial Intelligence(CV), NLP, Snooker and Travelling. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Uttaranchal Institute of Technology, Dehradun. I am in my final semester and working hard on a project - System Navigation using Gestures

Past open source experience[edit]

Any other info[edit]