User:SBailey (WMF)


Role at Wikimedia Foundation:

  • parsoid developer

Hopes for Wikimedia platform futures:

  • help gather requirements, design and create a way to allow editors to author interactive models and simulations in the mediawiki platform

Areas of professional interest:

  • empowering non-programmers to create programs
  • programming language design
  • electronics and embedded systems
  • mechatronics, robotics and automation
  • agriculture automation systems for aquaponics and other farming techniques


  • cross-platform, distributed computing, functional array programming language and platform
  • spreadsheet cell engine internals developer (Lotus 123 and Borland Quattro Pro)
  • math education platform and geometry manipulation learning environment for IBM
  • X86 CPU test generating and cosimulation control C interpreter language for Transmeta
  • graphics primitive libraries
  • embedded systems development of hardware, firmware and cloud control processes


  • building and flying drones
  • fabricating geodesic domes (built a 3V 5/8 26 foot dome and cover for burning man)
  • Machining and welding custom electric assisted pedal vehicles (for burning man)
  • building custom PA systems for outdoor performances (for burning man)
  • various PC and playstation video games


  • 19 year old grey cat (Greybie - Grey Beast)
  • New chocolate lab puppy (Bodhi)


  • modest home on 40 acres in Fort Jones California, 26 acres of which is currently a wheat field