Hi, I'm Anjana living in east coast of the U.S. I hope to improve my testing skills by contributing to a testing team in the wiki world.

1. Subscribe to the QA list (

2. We are on IRC in #wikimedia-qa on freenode. To join the chat, create a Nickname on and use #wikimedia-qa for channel.

2. Introduce yourself in this QA list with your name, interests, your time zone, best way to contact you, your nick on freenode etc.There are a lot of people who will help you. You can also pair with Zelkjo to help you get started.[See for more details]

3. Read and to know the test environments and deployment schedule.

4. Create accounts on test environments : and and play with "preferences" in your account.

5. Create a Bugzilla account, as this is how bugs are reported.

6. Login to Bugzilla and search for "your area of interest" (for e.g. VisualEditor). Try to reproduce the bugs

Please feel free to ask any question on the IRC.