Search-related feature requests from bugzilla.


  • Go and search button are confusing (Bug 577)
  • "Did you mean . . ." search feature (Bug 974)
  • Extract embedded text from PDF/DjVu documents for search (Bug 6422, Bug 6421)
  • Search all languages (Bug 1837)
  • Restrict search by category, or set of categories (e.g. range of date categories) (Bug 2285)
  • Use Unicode Character Folding (Bug 4430)
  • Searching by date (created, last modified) (Bug 1871)
  • Allow searching in intersections, etc. of categories (Bug 5244)
  • Smart handling for page requests for [[articles]] and {{templates}} (Bug 6334)


  • Suggest noinclude tag so pages aren't listed in search index (Bug 5778)
  • Search only searched for complete words by default, not for subpatterns (PrefixQuery search disabled) (Bug 4021)
  • List most popular queries on search page (Bug 7866)
  • Special page listing failed searches (Bug 7969)
  • Image from Commons doesn't show up when searched in Wikipedia search box (Bug 5101)
  • Image page search results should include thumbnails (probably solved via toolserver) (Bug 2815)
  • Soundex search option (soundlike for wiktionary) (Bug 3140)
  • search for images/files by hash (probably solved on toolserver) (Bug 1459)
  • Most wanted articles - We can't see "Go" misses (Bug 3437, Bug 6373)

Interface features[edit]

  • Namespace flags, when set, should be honored for the entire search page (Bug 1953)
  • Namespace search options don't appear consistently (two search boxes, one for ns_main, one for selected namespaces) (Bug 8149)
  • Search should pay more attention to the number of results (Bug 3431)

Interface enhancements[edit]

  • coloring found search words in articles? (Bug 6653)

Other (nonrelated?) bugs[edit]

  • Search options incorrectly convert spaces to underscores (Bug 1810)
  • Request: properties in articles (structured data) (Bug 1911)

--Rainman 19:32, 16 January 2007 (UTC)