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User:Quiddity/Tree of knowledge

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I would love to get a visualization of the entire Tree of Knowledge

Adding optional layers, that highlight areas which:

  • I’ve edited. (automatic)
  • I've watchlisted. (automatic)
  • I'm an expert in. (manual)
  • I want to read. (manual)
  • and other more rigid ontologies, E.g.
    • The curriculum of [Country's] 12th grade high-school science class.
    • The articles relevant to a biochemistry bachelor’s degree.
    • etc

To elaborate[edit]

I adore maps and infographics. Anything from software maps:

To page-navigation maps, e.g. Wikimedia/MediaWiki:

I'd like more maps, for our content.

But I want additional filters / overlays / highlights.

As a user-story[edit]

As an editor who is active in WikiProject Antarctica, I'd like to be able to visualize all its articles (w:en:Wikipedia:WikiProject_Antarctica#Articles), and also...

  • to highlight the articles I've edited
  • to highlight the articles I've created
  • to highlight the articles I have/have not watchlisted
  • to highlight the articles that are new (last n days)
  • to highlight the articles in relation to all n million articles. (wikigalaxy-style)
  • to see the clusterings given by categories, and category-intersections
  • to see the clusterings given by navboxes
  • to highlight the articles by their "importance-rating" and "quality-rating"
  • etc

These would help me to:

  • detect some of the patterns of how biographies / geographies / etc are prioritized, or missing
  • deepen our understanding of how much there is to know
  • to compare my own highlights, to the highlights of my friends and peers
    • (I imagine professors comparing their maps... "Ooo, what's the node over there? I haven't seen an Antarctica highlight in the veterinary science region before!")
  • share memetic ideas
  • feel more connected
  • want to return to the sites, to improve and expand my understanding of it all, and improve the articles


  • wikigalaxy itself is restricted to 100,000 topics, and developers all twitched when I asked about making even that limited extent, both live, and directly integrated to the site, even just for all logged-in editors, let alone IPs/readers.
  • I understand a lot of this will/would need to wait for more structured data, and a lot of it is currently unfeasible because of the massive software/server requirements. But it remains one of my long-term dreams.
  • There have been various attempts over the years, to do something slightly like this with wikitext, e.g. w:en:Portal:Contents/Outlines.
  • I'm Finally putting these old notes onwiki, after seeing Wikimedia User Interface/Concepts/Explorer. :-)
  • See also: m:Grants:Project/Arc.heolo.gy
  • Related browser extension: Wiki Journey