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Native desktop application designed for mass uploading files on upload campaigns

In the course of actions designed to grab many free photos for commons:Wikimedia Commons, there's often a need of an upload interface without most options of the otherwise hard process of a suitable upload information. The UploadWizard extension provides a way to setup upload campaigns, simplified Upload interfaces for a target goal. This has been successfully used in the European competition Wiki Loves Monument 2011. However this still has some shortcomings, as presented by Tomasz W. Kozłowski (one of the core organizers of WLM 2012) at [2], thus suggestiong the creation of a desktop tool to be used for facilitating the upload, which can provide additional features, such as storing the prepared files.

The proposed application would be tailored to the needs of the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 competition.

The deliverable is such an application, which would then be ready for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 competition taking place in September,

Requisite Priority
A tiny autocontained program, with different versions for each target operating system. 1
The program size isn't too large[1]. 2
The program can be provided without external dependencies[2]. 2
The program is able to run in Microsoft Windows. 1
The program runs in GNU/Linux. 1
The program runs in Mac OS X. 3
Configurable defaults for uploading to Wikimedia Commons own images as cc-by-sa with given templates and categories. 1
The user can change the license if needed. 1
The user can change / add categories. 1
Suitable for use by newbies[3]. 2
The application internals aren't specific to Wiki Loves Monument 2
Request the monument id for the image. 1
Validation of the monument identifier through a web service if available. 3
Basic documentation of the competition (rules and FAQ). 2
Contains the WLM logo somewhere[4]. 2
Localisable through for at least the 28 participating countries. 1
Images to be uploaded and their description can be saved for later upload. 1
Saved configuration from previous run can be loaded. 1
Asynchronous upload of the images in the background. 1
Possibility to add geo-location where the picture has been taken. 3
Simple upload for all files on a directory. 2


(still finishing up some senior thesis work! more info to come)

  1. For some definition of large, see [1] in the wikitech thread for discussion about it.
  2. Other than those provided by the OS
  3. Graphical interface, no hard-to-understand options, streamlined process...
  4. Requisite mentioned by Tomasz