User:Pelagic/Mobile keyboard shortcuts for Visual Editor

Block-level formatting
What to type Result Example Comment
two or more equals signs == Formats as heading,





More === for lower-level headings.

Hint: type your text first, then insert the == in front. That way you can see the format change as you insert more =.

asterisk * Starts a bullet list
  • item

** not this

* nor this

One * followed by a space for top-level items, don’t use ** for sub-items.
hash # Starts a numbered list
  1. one
  2. two
You can also type "1. "
colon : Formats as blockquote


? unknown Insert a table, image, map, etc.

Note that these block-level formatting shortcuts should be typed at the beginning of a line and followed by a space. (Or, as above, at the beginning of a table cell.) Equals signs for headings apply immediately, without the space.

Insert inline
What to type Result Example Comment
square brackets [[ Opens the "Add a link" edit card Visual editor on mobile
curly braces {{ Opens the "Add a template" edit card (transclusion dialog) {{Tlx}}
start of pre tag <pre Opens the "Preformatted text" edit card.
 5 PRINT "Hello"
10 GOTO 5
start of ref tag <ref Opens the "Reference" edit card. [1] If your wiki has citation templates installed, you may have a Cite button on the toolbar.
  1. Carroll, Lewis (1871) Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.


Toolbar with 6 buttons.
Visual Editor mobile toolbar, v1 Toolbar Refresh.  Full-width (1536px, iPad Air in portrait orientation). MediaWiki 1.35.0.

Editing toolbar with 12 buttons.
Visual Editor desktop toolbar.  Full-width (1536px, iPad Air in portrait orientation). MediaWiki 1.35.0.

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