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I would like to offer bounties for certain enhancements to MediaWiki. The new code will make MediaWiki more powerful in general, potentially benefiting many other users, including Wikimedia. I also have some goals in mind for my own MediaWiki-driven site as well, which motivate me to want to pay to have these enhancements expedited.

Enhancements needed[edit]

  • Red-green-blue wikilinks – Implement functionality to turn wikilinks different colors depending on the existence and status of pages both on the local wiki and on an external wiki. As you know, linker.php turns wikilinks red or blue depending on whether a page exists or not locally. I need the coloring to provide information on the page's existence remotely as well. This may require a list of all pages on an external wiki. See bug 15159.
  • Multi-wiki watchlist – I think that some work has been done on this type of functionality (see gwatch) but I want it to be accessible without leaving the wiki.


  • The enhancements should be done according to the usual standards for coding for extensions and/or MediaWiki itself. I.e., adequately descriptive variable names and code commenting should be used, and Manual pages should be created to explain the new functionality.
  • It will likely be necessary to make further enhancements down the road, so when possible, aim to make the new enhancements easily customizable and modifiable without the need to change hard-coded variables.
  • Payment will be promptly made via PayPal or another mutually amenable method as sub-projects are completed. This will require the code and documentation to be provided, and the functionality to be demonstrated to work. It would probably be good to minimize bank transfer fees if possible. My money is in US$.


If anyone wants to make an offer, please contact me at . I'll start the ball rolling by offering US$100.00 for the red-green-blue wikilinks enhancement, provided you are able to make substantial progress by September 15, 2008 and fully complete it by September 30, 2008. If nobody accepts within the next few days, I will likely make a different offer, so watch this page. Thanks, Nathan Larson 01:24, 21 August 2008 (UTC)